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Mira Laime
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Hello there

steampeng mk.1 here, look for help with a steampunk 2 d puzzler

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Does it need to be done online? If not, you should use GameMaker. If it needs to be done online, perhaps it will be done on Game Cloud but you will have to wait for a long time...

I can wait a long time, I just need to know ever now and again that something is getting done


Game Cloud is improved slowly because there is only one programmer currently (me).

hmm, thats ok, I can wait long times, just so long as it isn't a 100 years project. just give me updates ever now and again.

I'm also guessing that you want to know eacty what i'm think on the working and story of this game huh?


I think I should give you more information about the future of the wiki. I'm about to animate the bombs, then to add sounds, to create moving items, to rework the page mechanism, to allow to customize the background, to allow to customize the quest and to allow to exchange items.

At this time, an RPG will be possible. Regularly, we will have to optimize the game engine otherwise, it will lag.

The speed of improvement will depend on the help of other programmers. Can you program in JavaScript?

learning to, but first I'm working on HOW my game(name: punked: 1890) should work, then I'm going to program it


anyway, Punk:1890, is a heist 2d puzzle game with steampunk victorain lovecraftian noir as a maior theme

One tip: I advise you to make a team before starting your project. It's easier to gather people before starting than after.

i wish i knew about that 2 years ago, been working on the game universe for that long

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