Hi. So here's a tentative backstory of the penguin. You all know the penguin. He jumps around mazes made of brick, collects keys and avoids bombs. But how did he get this way, and who is he anyways?

My theory is that the penguin is a test subject in a lab simulation to make the perfect penguin. Scientists caught a family of penguins from off the shores of Antarctica in 2035 and used them as test subjects. Each penguin was given a number. This penguin in question is Number 0454, and he is far away from the first generation of test penguins. Already he is more intelligent than his ancestors, and also has learned to jump higher. The scientists have recognized his potential as the pinnacle of penguins, but still need to test him to work out any glitches in the new breed. If there is an error, the scientists will simply wait for the top offspring of the next generation and use it to carry out the tests.

We play as 0454 as he searches for his destiny. He may succeed or fail, but he must try his hardest. If he succeeds, the scientists will release him to freedom in Antarctica, a place he has only heard tales of, passed down from generation to generation...

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